Buy a Ticket, Benefit the WCCF Scholarship Fund!

At the Wyoming County Economic Development Authority, we value every investment made in our community. But did you know that each year, some of our most important investments come from within our county — from folks like you — in the form of fundraiser contributions toward the Wyoming County Community Fund? That’s right! 

This year, that’s taking place through our ongoing virtual Cash Calendar fundraiser, where for $25 per ticket, donors can toss their name into the ring to win one of 12 cash prizes. Previously hosted as an in-person event, the yearlong virtual fundraiser has made participation safe and more accessible for all as we navigate the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. So far, six winners have received a total of $750! 

But this fundraiser isn’t just a raffle — it’s also the primary means of supporting the annual WCCF scholarship fund, which has supported a dozen students over the last 12 years. 

Each year, the WCCF scholarship program selects and assists one local student or adult enrolling in a Wyoming County-based college or program. The student receives a one-year scholarship paid to the Wyoming County Career & Technical Center or the Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College to help cover the cost of tuition, necessary school supplies and materials, labs, travel, and more. 

Stephanie Cook, who received the WCCF scholarship in 2013, said the financial support made a difference in the quality of her higher education experience. Cook, now a Pineville Elementary School teacher, has come full circle, practicing her profession where her collegiate studies first began. 

“I took classes for two years at Southern Community and Technical College before moving on to earn my bachelor’s degree from The University of Charleston in 2016,” Cook said. “Then I went on to complete my master’s degree from the Western Governor’s University in 2018.”

Cook said she used the funds to cover the essentials, like food, books, and “sometimes to cover testing costs or lab fees.” 

“It allowed me to focus on my educational studies and not have to worry as much about finances,” she said. 

Though COVID-19 changed the way we fundraise, we won’t let it change the impact the WCCF has for recipients each year. By purchasing a ticket for the cash calendar, you can partake in supporting a local student’s academic pursuits and increase your chances to win one of the six remaining cash raffle rounds. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us! 

Tickets can be purchased here, but we recommend doing it now before they run out! Get yours today