wyoming county community fund

The Wyoming County Community Fund’s mission is to build a sustainable source of funds to serve the needs of our county for years to come.

Help sponsor our 13th Annual Community Fund Scholarship Fundraiser!

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Apply for the 2023 Wyoming County Community Fund Scholarship

The Wyoming County Community Fund is now accepting applications for the Wyoming County Community Fund Scholarship Grant! The scholarship grant is intended to support higher education opportunities in Wyoming County. Download and submit your application today!

Wyoming County Community Fund Community Grant Application

Have an idea on how you could help out our community?   Let us know! Please review the application carefully and contact our office with any questions. 

About the Fund


There are many people and organizations inside and outside of Wyoming County who would be interested in donating money and assets to worthy Wyoming County projects and programs.  Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a central trusted avenue for them to use.

To answer this need, Wyoming County Planning Commission created the Wyoming County Community Fund.  Several tax-deductible funds have been set up giving donors flexibility in how their contributions are used.

Funds can be directed to the Unrestricted Fund, Children’s Fund, Parks and Recreation Fund, Scholarship Fund, Arts Fund, Cemetery Fund,  the Administrative Fund or the Donor Advised Fund.

The Wyoming County Community Fund is made possible by the Beckley Area Foundation (BAF) who manages the funds and acts as an umbrella non-profit organization that ensures the WCCF complies with IRS regulations and enables all donations to be tax deductible.

WCCF Founders Club

Guide to Endowment Giving to the Wyoming County Community Fund

  • Unrestricted Fund:  You may specify your donation be placed in the Unrestricted Fund of the WCCF.  Donors place no limitations on how those funds are to be used.  They become the funds for tomorrow that allow WCCF flexibility to address the community’s most pressing needs.
  • Children’s Fund:  You may specify that your donation be placed in the Children’s Fund.  This fund will support programs and activities that help Wyoming County’s children reach their full potential.
  • Parks and Recreation Fund:  You may specify that your donation be placed in the Parks and Recreation Fund.  This fund supports projects that create new parks and enhance existing parks and recreational facilities.
  • Scholarship Fund:  You may specify that your donation be placed in the Scholarship Fund.  This fund supports college scholarships to deserving Wyoming County youth. 
  • Arts Fund: You may specify that your donation be placed in the Arts Fund.  This fund supports programs and projects that promote the arts in our community such as school art programs.
  • Cemetery Fund: You may specify that your donation be placed in the cemetery fund.  This fund helps maintain Wyoming County’s many cemeteries.
  • Administration Fund: You may specify that your donation be placed in the Administration Fund.  This fund pays for the day to day operations of the Wyoming County Community Fund.
  • Donor Advised Fund:  You may donate $10,000 or more and create your own fund.  You would be able to advise the WCCF on how the money will be spent.

Why Should I Give?

  1. Professionally managed Funds

  2. Maximum tax-deductibility

  3. Flexibility to invest cash, securities, real estate, personal property, life insurance and bequests

  4. Only 1% of no administrative donations go to overhead

  5. Donations can be made in your name, the name of someone you designate or anonymously

How to Donate to the Wyoming County Community Fund

Wyoming County Community Fund

PO Box 1828, Pineville, WV  24874

Phone:  (304) 732-6707

Fax:  (304) 732-6963

E-mail:  christylaxton@wyomingcounty.com

Community Fund Fundraisers

2021 Cash Calendar

Since we were unable to do our Bingo event last year do to COVID, we decided this year we are having a Cash Calendar!

Drawings will start on April 1st for Easter and will continue on holidays thereafter throughout the year for a total of 12 drawings.

One Ticket

Multiple Tickets

You can also scan the QR code with your phone to be taken to our PayPal where you can purchase tickets.

We can also accept payment by phone (304) 732-6707, through credit card with a fee.

Purchase tickets in-person at the Wyoming County EDA office at 506A River Road, Pineville, WV 24874 or by mail at Wyoming County EDA, PO Box 1828, Pineville, WV 24874.

Bingo Night 2018 and 2019

Our Bingo Night has been a great success for Wyoming County! In 2019, we raised around $3,500 for the Wyoming County Community Fund Fundraiser. Thank you to all who came out and supported us, and we hope you all had a blast!

Community Fund Recipients

Community Grants

Community Grant 2021: Wyoming East High School – Empty Bowls Project and theTown of Pineville

Community Grant 2020: n/a

Community Grant 2019:  Wyoming County Energy Express

Community Grant 2018:  Wyoming County RC Racing Club

Community Grant 2017:  Wyoming Advocates for Youth – The Way Youth Center

Community Fund Scholarships

Community Fund Scholarship 2021: Hannah Bailey

Community Fund Scholarship 2020: Erin Harrison

Community Fund Scholarship 2019: Bridget Browning

Community Fund Scholarship 2018: Kari Walker

Community Fund Scholarship 2017: Kelsey Boyce

Community Fund Scholarship 2016: Kandice Bradford

Community Fund Scholarship 2015: Aerial Deskins

Community Fund Scholarship 2014: Legacy Greene

Community Fund Scholarship 2013: Nathan Daniels

Community Fund Scholarship 2012: Stephanie Cook

Community Fund Scholarship 2011:  Emily Strother

Literature Fund

Founded by Lonnie Bailey

About the Literature Fund

Writers from Wyoming County of all ages were encouraged to enter and submit works.

We had 4 entry categories: Elementary school (1st-5th grade), Middle school (6th-8th grade), High school (9th-12th grade), and Adults (18+).

The theme for all entry categories was Wyoming County History & Culture.

Read the winning works below!

Adult Winner:

1st - $200

Kathy Brewster

I felt it in the raindrops touching my face on a hot summerday, on a Wyoming County day.

I can see it in my yard, in the beauty of a bluejay...

High School Winners:

1st - $100

Chloe Cook

Wyoming East High School Senior

The history of Wyoming County provides a precedent to achieve greatness in the present and the future...

2nd - $75

Deztiny Quesenberry

Wyoming East High School Senior

The most delightful attributes Wyoming County has to offer is the natural beauty of the land, the outdoor activities, and the genuine people that call the County home...

Middle School Winners:

1st - $100

Austin Criss

Herndon Consolidated
8th Grade

On the porch, sun glaring down,

Steak on the grill, people having a thrill...

Elementary School Winners:

1st - $75

Aiden Craigo

Mullens Elementary
4th Grade

Wyoming County was first formed on January, 26, 1850. It was formed from a part of Logan County. Wyoming County was named after the Wyoming Indian Tribe, who were some of the first people to set foot in present day Wyoming County...

2nd - $50

Hunter Hill

Mullens Elementary
4th Grade

This year I killed a 5 point buck with a bow. Here is Wyoming County you can only bow hunt for deer. My dad killed a small 8 point, and my mom killed a big 8 point. Hunting is a family activity that we enjoy every year...

3rd - $25

McCrae Massie

Mullens Elementary
4th Grade

Wyoming County is a small town place filled with small communities where most everybody knows each other. I live on a mountain in Wyoming County called Barker's Ridge. I think Wyoming County is a very special place...