Meet our newest staffer: Brenda Reed!

Toward the end of last year, we were fortunate to welcome Brenda Reed to the Wyoming County Economic Development Authority’s team. Brenda, a Wyoming County native, came to us with years of bookkeeping experience. 

When she applied for the Wyoming County EDA position, Brenda was looking for a change. Though she did not come from an economic development background, her skills assisted her in transitioning into her current role as Administrative Assistant for Accounting and Finance. 

“I was looking for a career instead of a job — something that made my work feel important,” Brenda says.   

With three months of economic development under her belt, Brenda is already excelling in her role. On an average day, her workload varies, from cataloging and reporting information to processing payments and deposits. 

“My typical day involves processing payments, handling bank deposits, invoicing, reconciling bank statements, handling payroll and withholdings, and drafting quarterly reports and credit reports.”

Having the ability to work closely with clients and her two fellow staffers, Christy Laxton, Executive Director of the EDA, and Laura Roberts-Lambert, Administrative Assistant for Loans and Operations, has been a highlight of her position, Brenda says. 

“The most rewarding part of my job is seeing people get money to help with the expansion of their business and bringing more to their communities,” Brenda says. “The most challenging is learning the loan process and what the qualifications are for each loan.”

Over the last three months, Brenda says she’s enjoyed learning new skills and attributes the smooth transition to economic development to Christy and Laura’s help and encouragement. 

“I would really like to Thank Christy and Laura for helping me with everything,” Brenda says. “They both have been wonderful!”

From the EDA team: Thanks for sharing your journey and story with us, Brenda! We’re grateful to have you on our team, and we look forward to another year of working together!