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Tourism as an Economic Driver in Wyoming County

West Virginia’s tourism industry is booming, and we at the Wyoming County Economic Development Authority couldn’t be happier! The positive effects that the industry has on our state’s economy are significant for all of our local communities as well. For starters, an increase in tourism dollars means a boost in income for our businesses, job opportunities for our residents and investment potential for prospective employers. There are also spin-off benefits, such as renewed focus on infrastructure improvements and the preservation of historical, cultural and environmental sites.

Based on data from the West Virginia Department of Tourism’s 2022 Annual Report, tourism’s economic impact in West Virginia is at an all-time high.

To break it down a bit more, West Virginia as a whole saw:

  • $4.9 billion in traveler spending, 
  • $1.3 billion in earnings and 
  • $754 million in tax-generated revenue in 2022.

If you compare these numbers to those nationally, which indicated that traveler spending was still lagging post-pandemic, the report concludes that “West Virginia has now fully recovered from COVID-19 pandemic losses.” Isn’t that wonderful? 

Further, all travel regions within the state saw growth, and Wyoming County itself reached $33.9 million in annual travel spending last year! 

A major driver of West Virginia’s tourism industry is outdoor recreation. State parks revenue also hit an all-time high in 2022, totaling over $34 million. As a county with an exceptional state park, Twin Falls, located within our borders, this was also welcome data. Additionally, Wyoming County’s position at the heart of the National Coal Heritage Area, with Pinnacle Creek Trail, R.D. Bailey Lake, Copperhead Run Motorcycle Route, and other areas for hiking, golfing, fishing means it is poised to benefit from the increased interest. 

Taking all of this information into consideration means to us that West Virginia, and Wyoming County, is ripe with opportunity and growth potential, which makes us even more marketable and beneficial to those interested in starting or relocating their business here. And that’s where we can really help! Want to know more? Learn about the Wyoming County EDA’s role in communities here. Please contact us at (304) 732-6707 with any questions. You can also follow us on Facebook to stay updated. 

As we like to say, we want to make our hometown, your hometown.

For Wyoming County tourism, visit the Wyoming County Convention & Visitors Bureau at