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Empowering Wyoming County: The Impact of the Wyoming County Community Fund

In the heart of Wyoming County, a dedicated initiative has emerged to bridge the gap between generous donors and impactful community projects. The Wyoming County Community Fund (WCCF) stands as a beacon, providing a central and trusted avenue for individuals and organizations to contribute to the betterment of Wyoming County.

History and Purpose

The WCCF was born out of the recognition that there was a collective desire to support worthy projects and programs within Wyoming County, yet no centralized platform existed to facilitate this. In response, the Wyoming County Planning Commission took the initiative to establish the WCCF. This charitable endeavor offers several tax-deductible funds, each catering to specific community needs.

Diverse Funds Catering to Diverse Needs

The WCCF offers a range of funds, each tailored to address different facets of community development. Contributors can direct their funds to:

Unrestricted Fund: A versatile fund allowing for flexibility in addressing the community’s most pressing needs.

Children’s Fund: Focused on supporting programs and activities that nurture the potential of Wyoming County’s children.

Parks and Recreation Fund: Dedicated to enhancing parks and recreational facilities, creating spaces for community engagement and enjoyment.

Scholarship Fund: A commitment to investing in the education of deserving Wyoming County youth.

Arts Fund: Supporting the promotion of arts within the community, including school art programs.

Cemetery Fund: Ensuring the maintenance and preservation of Wyoming County’s many cemeteries.

Administration Fund: Sustaining the day-to-day operations of the Wyoming County Community Fund.

Donor Advised Fund: Allowing significant contributors to create their own fund and actively advise on how the money is allocated.

Partnerships and Founders Club

Integral to the success of the WCCF is the collaboration with the Beckley Area Foundation (BAF), acting as the managing entity and ensuring compliance with IRS regulations. The WCCF Founders Club, is comprised of the following, who all play a pivotal role in establishing and supporting this vital community initiative: Wyoming County Economic Development Authority, Pineville Furniture, First Community Bank, First Peoples Bank, Mullens Chamber of Commerce, Pineville Chamber of Commerce, Wyoming County Commission, Beckley Loan Company, Lonnie Bailey, and Global Property Leasing LLC. 

Guide to Endowment Giving

Understanding the diverse interests of potential donors, the WCCF provides a guide to endowment giving, enabling contributors to align their donations with specific causes that resonate with them.

Why Should I Give?

The advantages of contributing to the WCCF are numerous, including:

Professionally Managed Funds: Ensuring that every contribution is handled with the utmost professionalism.

Maximum Tax-Deductibility: Optimizing the financial benefits of charitable contributions.

Flexibility in Investments: Allowing donors to contribute various assets, from cash to real estate, providing flexibility in supporting the community.

Efficient Use of Donations: A minimal 1% of non-administrative donations going to overhead ensures that the majority of funds directly impact community projects.

Anonymity or Recognition: Donors have the option to contribute anonymously or in their name, honoring someone they designate.

The Community Grant Application

Do you have an idea burning bright on how to make our community even better? The Wyoming County Community Fund wants to hear from you! Check out the Community Grant Application, unleash your creativity, and let’s turn those ideas into reality. The Community Fund also supports the Wyoming County Community Fund Scholarship, which provides Wyoming County residents with support for higher education opportunities. We’ll begin accepting applications for the 2024 scholarship in early spring.